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Combat-Simulation events are a reenactment of military scenarios that can be compared to paintball on some level, but are a lot more realistic. By using airsoft replicas - that can't be distinguished from the real ones - , vehicles and real combat-gear, you can experience being part of a special army unit on a fictional battlefield.

A more realistic game than one of our Combat-Simulation events is virtually impossible!

There is a whole range of tactical missions that can be made up for Combat-Simulation events and Airsoft-Games is an expert in making and organising breathtaking missions and dynamic storylines. Wherein we know, how to perfectly combine adrenaline, tactics and fun.

Looking for something different? A realistic game combined with discipline and teamwork, organised by the one and only real Combat-Simulationcompany of Belgium with years of experience and a professional list of clients?

Are you motivated and want to work as part of a team in a military scenario? Do you have a great dose of responsibility and common sense? Then our Combat-Simulation events will prove to be a challenge for you and you shouldn't miss this experience!

"Tension, action and real-life missions, in which the boundary between reality and fiction fades away!"